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Are you struggling with PTSD, trauma, or anxiety and require professional help but feel nervous about reaching out? If so, I am here to help you take that first step. Unlike most psychotherapists, I will not make you talk openly about your experiences if you don’t want to, and always speak to you in an extremely honest, down-to-earth, straight-talking way. My approach involves creating a relaxed, private space for you to process the memory in your own mind and, over time, prevent it from playing an active role in your life. It is not a painful experience, nor does it take months. We go straight to the crux of the issue, meaning that most clients need around two to six sessions to feel like themselves again.

Keep reading to learn more about how I work as a therapist online and in London and the surrounding areas, Glasgow, Argyll & Bute and nationwide.


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) impacts many people and occurs in response to a traumatic event or consistent bullying or abuse. The traumatic episode gets stuck in your amygdala, the part of the brain that regulates fear and emotion. Being reminded of a painful event triggers a fear-response in the amygdala and causes painful emotions.

Our work together will involve me helping you calmly and slowly process this memory in your mind, without needing to speak about any details if you prefer not to, to the point where the memory has been unhooked from the fight or flight response mechanism in the amygdala. Doing this allows you to process the event as a normal memory, to the point where it becomes distant in your mind and doesn’t impact your daily thinking patterns.


PTSD develops following Trauma. Early life experiences – anger in the home, abuse, neglect, etc. – prevent us from having our emotional needs met and means we don’t enjoy life to the fullest extent as adults. By giving you the space needed to engage with these traumas, you can see how they affect your everyday behaviours and eventually move past them in your own way. Processing trauma like this helps you feel a greater sense of control, security, and connection in your daily life.

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Everyone experiences anxiety, but for some the severity can be unbearable, causing you to avoid certain things – confrontation, social occasions, etc. – and therefore limit what you do in life. This anxiety is basically just trauma you hold in your body. To shift this anxiety, I use psychotherapy in a way that allows you to unload this trauma in a gentle, guided way, without needing to go into any specific details. After a few sessions, you will feel lighter and more like yourself having processed these anxiety triggers in your mind, as they will no longer feel as significant.

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